Samsung has started hitting Galaxy J7 with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update / Upgrade in India

Today (03 – Aug – 2016) when I awoke in the morning, I unlocked my Samsung Galaxy j7 as usual to check new notifications & surprisingly i found the new update / upgrade pop up message on the screen in the notifications. The update / upgrade was of 824.77 MB which is quit too heavy & obviously it is because of whole new OS update / upgrade from Android L to Android M.

My phone is so smart that it has downloaded the whole update / upgrade for me silently in the night when i was sleeping. So i just tapped install and it started updating / upgrading after a restart and the same update / upgrade screen came up as usual.

What’s New !

  • OS upgrade – Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.
  • The new TouchWiz provides enhanced usability and an updated visual design.
  • Advanced power saving mode restricts background data and extends battery life.
  • Settings for the following have been reset: Themes, Email, Icon / Widget.
  • and much more …

The screen appeared just after the update / upgrade was quite new completely and the screenshot is given below and i have not seen such screen before. It the same screen saying “Android is upgrading…”


Sorry for the low quality picture, I have taken it from another mobile.


Google Now Tap

The way Google Now Tap pops on long pressing Home button have been changed. It’s now more animated and refreshing. You can see it in the picture below :-

Bug after Update / Upgrade

It has been reported that after the update / upgrade the mobile home screen was little distorted as shown in the image below :-


Notification Bar

Notification bar has been redesigned and now you can access more shortcuts in the notification bar then before. Take a look in the image shown below :-

New settings like Don not disturb was added & Advanced features like Smart Alert, Easy Mute were also added. You can have an idea of these new features from the images given below :-

What is Smart Alert ?

Smart alert is a new advanced feature that has been added in this update / upgrade. If you turn on this feature then your device will vibrate when you pick it up to notify you about missed calls and messages.

What is Easy Mute ?

Smart alert is also another new advanced feature that has been added in this update / upgrade. If you turn on this feature then It will mute incoming calls and alarms by turning the device over.

Power Button

When we long press the power button then we usually see very simple and plan options such as Power Off, Restart etc in a pop up. But now ti this update / upgrade the way those options are shown have been resigned and far better than before. Have a look in the images shown below :-

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