[Review] SEOeStore.net Panel – The #1 SEO Panel on the Planet for cheapest SEO Services

SEOeStore.net Panel – The #1 SEO panel on the planet for cheapest SEO Services
SEOeStore.net Panel – The #1 SEO panel on the planet for cheapest SEO Services

Today, i am glad to write a detailed review on a fast growing SEO Panel. It’s The #1 SEO panel on the planet for cheapest SEO Services. It’s nothing but Single Order which has become very popular on the internet due to its insanely cheap SEO services. They offer multiple variety of useful SEO services with powerful extras to enhance your SEO results for better results thus better ranking.

SEOeStore Panel - The #1 SEO panel on the planet

SEOeStore Panel – The #1 SEO panel on the planet

You will be surprised to know that they provide SEO backlinks as low as $0.0003/backlink. They claim that you can “Get Backlink for $0.0003, this is in 2 or more of our backlinks services, such as: social network profiles, forum profiles…”

At SEOeStore.net Panel your order is just for few cents. For SEO backlinks services that accept 100 links minimum quantity, and it’s price is $0.0003, then your order will be for only $0.03 (3 cents). That’s really insanely cheap as compared to other SEO service providers.

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They offer diverse SEO services and backlinks types, their prices is cheap, or may be the cheapest. For just $1 you will be able to buy 1,000 wiki backlinks + 1,000 forum profiles + 1,000 social network profiles. They allow orders starting from just 50 backlinks & 100 backlinks in some other SEO services. There services are completely white labeled.

Top Quality Web 2.0 Services

Top Quality Web 2.0 Services


Service & Prices of SEOeStore Panel

Services list & prices

Code Service description Min. Qty. Price per 1
WEB2 Web 2.0 blogs (Shared accounts) 10 $0.07
WEB2+ACC Web 2.0 blogs (Dedicated accounts) 20 $0.13
DA70 PR9 – DA (Domain Authority) 70+ 1 $0.25
DA50-DO DA (Domain Authority) 50+ Do-follow 10 $0.2
DA50 DA (Domain Authority) 50+ 10 $0.15
DA30-DO DA (Domain Authority) 30+ Do-follow 10 $0.1
DA30 DA (Domain Authority) 30+ 10 $0.07
FM+ The full monty Premium Edition (high DA sites list) 1 $5
FM-TNG SEnuke TNG – The full monty 2016 – Campaign 1 $2
FM-2015 SEnuke – The full monty template 2015 – Campaign 1 $1.5
FM-2014 SEnuke – The full monty template 2014 – Campaign 1 $1.5
FM-V4 SEnuke – The full monty template V4 (2012) – Campaign 1 $1.5
EDU .EDU backlinks (include .edu.xxx domains – mix platforms) 50 $0.004
DOFOLLOW Do-follow backlinks (mix platforms) 100 $0.001
MIX Mix platforms backlinks 100 $0.0005
ARTICLES Article directories backlinks (contextual backlinks) 100 $0.001
PROFILES Mix profiles backlinks (forum & social networks) 100 $0.00033
SN-P Social networks profiles backlinks 100 $0.00033
FORUM-P Forum profiles backlinks 100 $0.00033
WIKI Wiki backlinks (mix profiles & articles) 100 $0.0005
WIKI-A Wiki articles Backlinks (contextual backlinks) 100 $0.00067
COMMENTS Blog/image/other comments backlinks 100 $0.001
F-POST Forum posting backlinks (NOT recommended) 100 $0.001
SHORTENET URL shortener backlinks 100 $0.00033
EXPLOIT Exploit backlinks 100 $0.00033

Extras list & prices

Code Extra description Price per 1
i Indexer #1 (95%+ Crawled rate) $0.0001
i2 Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate) $0.001
i3 Indexer #3 (Maximum indexer rate) $0.0025
s-i Indexer #1 for all SEnuke campaign links (95%+ Crawled rate) $0.1
s-i2 Indexer #2 for all SEnuke campaign links (Very High indexer rate) $1
s-i3 Indexer #3 for all SEnuke campaign links (Maximum indexer rate) $2.5
c 2nd Captcha backup (Human, 130% more results) $2
rtcl100 100 Unique Articles for submission $0.1
rtcl500 500 Unique Articles for submission $0.5
rtcl1000 1000 Unique Articles for submission $1
rtcl5k 5,000 Unique Articles for submission $5


Single Order SEO Services on SEOeStore Panel

They have a section on their panel called as “Single Order” where you can buy all the SEO services offered by them as a individual service and they have categorized their entire SEO catalog of services as follows to make it easier for you to find and choose a suitable SEO service faster :-

Drect Backlinks

  • All Services (Include all available services).
  • Web 2.0 blogs (Best for money site).
  • SEnuke (Full SEO campaigns).
  • High DA (PR) backlinks (High Domain Authority backlinks).
  • Other quality backlinks (Good for tier1 backlinks).

Link Pyramid

  • All Services (Include all available services).
  • Cheap & effective (Good & cheap for tier2 backlinks).


How to create Orders in SEOeStore Panel Dashboard

Dashboard of their Panel is very neat and clean with modern design. They have used Bootstrap in their Panel which is a very popular and well known web development resource.


As you can see in the screenshot that you have to just select the Service from the list and then enter the order Quantity and then just enter your Links and Keywords which you want to rank.

More Options - New order SEOeStore Panel

More Options – New order SEOeStore Panel

Not only this, they also have two extra fields which you can toggle by clicking “+ More options” as shown in screenshot. Once you toggle it will show you two extra fields as “ & “Notes” which are optional fields. These extra fields has been provided just to help you enter extra information for reference purpose. For example, in “Project name or reference ID to easy trace your order. These options are good for those who are buying services for their clients i.e those who are resellers.

Extras - New order SEOeStore Panel

Extras – New order SEOeStore Panel

When you select a Service from the list, automatically you will see some relevant “Extra” will load just below it. These are Extras i.e they are just like addons which will enhance your SEO order.

How to Manage Orders in SEOeStore Panel Dashboard

Reports SEOeStore Panel

Reports SEOeStore Panel

Once you successfully order your SEO service it will reflect in your dashboard and an example of it is shown in the screenshots. We created some test orders just to test their services. Your order will be marked as Pending , then after some time it will change to Processing and then finally Completed

Basically there are 4 status indicators as discussed below :-

  • Pending – It means your order is new and still in queue.
  • Processing – It means they have accepted your order and it is under processing.
  • Completed – It means your order has been completed i.e you wil be able to download reports.
  • Terminated – It means your order has been cancelled either by your or staff.

Once your order is completed. You will be able to download your report. There reports will include a CSV and a Txt file in a single compressed Zip file. There reports are completely white labeled and hence best suitable for resellers.

SEO Campaigns on SEOeStore Panel

SEO Campaigns Packages SEOeStore Panel

SEO Campaigns Packages SEOeStore Panel

They also have option to create SEO Campaigns which is nothing but a pre defined collection of their Single Order services as a package with a varying campaign budget.

They claim that you can Rank your website #1 in Googel! if you use their SEO campaigns which will rank your website effectively in Google, You can choose your budget ($5 to $1000) and start your link building campaign.
Please note that the SEO is a bit long term process, as it may take few months to get your website ranked in Google. (In some cases it takes few weeks) as there is many factors such as: Domain/page authority, Keywords competition, Social signals (Facebook, Google shares for website …) “very important”, On-site optimization, Domain age, Current rank & many other factors.
They have designed these packages to insure that it will be the most effective within a defined budget, but also you can customize your campaigns by adding single orders as discussed above.

Get weekly SEO campaign & Keep building Quality links

– This is our (SEOeStore) advice!

They have also clarified that for their Backlinks quality, All campaigns on their SEO campaign page is designed as a link wheel campaigns. In this kind of campaigns they submit the top quality links directly to your website and some other quality backlinks for those submitted orders (also called Link Pyramids).
The tier1 links (direct links) on all campaigns will work on our Premium Sites List, consists of High DA (Domain Authority) sites & Top world wide web 2.0s.

Check the premium sites list – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YhDC5aZmjIxjZw0QeaeEWCeaB3fgXZGLbYG8BdIVnfQ/


Affiliate Program of SEOeStore Panel (10% Lifetime Commission)

Affiliate Program of SEOeStore.net Panel (10% Lifetime Commission)

Affiliate Program of SEOeStore.net Panel (10% Lifetime Commission)

They offer one of the best SEO Affiliate Program on the planet. There affiliate includes 10% life time commissions i.e you have to just refer a user once and what ever purchase that user will do on their website, you will get 10% of it throughout your life. That’s really a solid passive income. We also strongly recommend such  affiliate programs which includes lifetime commissions.

They provide ready made affiliate banners in almost all popular sizes for quick promotion which you will be able to find in your affiliate dashboard.

There payout threshold are as follows :-

  • Minimum withdrawal request for Account Balance is $1
  • Minimum withdrawal request is $10 for PayPal, Payza, Bitcoins, Neteller & Skrill
  • Minimum withdrawal request is $50 for Payoneer
  • Withdrawal request is available only if you have no pending withdrawal requests


Powerful API for Full Automation

They also offer API for integrating their panel on other websites or applications. You can use their API to fully automate the order creation process as well as report generation. Through their API you will be able to create new orders as well as fetch the order status, order details and download reports remotely.

Why use API ?

Using SEOeStore API will allow you to submit orders, check status & get reports directly through your own website or application, this may help you in delivering flixable service for your clients, also with zero effors from yourside.

There API return data in JSON format and includes following useful actions :-

Available actions

Action Description
order Make new order check related HTTP POST requests
order_details Get the full order details check related HTTP POST requests
order_status Check the order status check related HTTP POST requests
report Get the link of order report check related HTTP POST requests
services Get all services (no more HTTP POST requests)
extras Get all extras (no more HTTP POST requests)
service_extras Get available extras for a service check related HTTP POST requests
balance Use this action to check your balance (no more HTTP POST requests)



After this detailed review of SEOeStore, we can conclude that SEOeStore is really the best SEO Panel on the Planet in terms of feature availability and price. Additionally they also have API which is based on JSON and It is very easy to integrate. They also have Affiliate program that pay 10% recurring commission for lifetime which means solid passive income for affiliate marketers. There services is completely white labeled i.e they provide reports without any branding which means you can resell their services to you client without any hassle. we have never seen any such SEO Panel which so complete i.e SEOeStore is a complete SEO package and best for everyone as well as resellers.

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