What is JVM, JRE & JDK ?

What is JVM, JRE & JDK ?
What is JVM, JRE & JDK ?

What is JVM ?

JVM stands for JAVA Virtual Machine. It is an abstract computing machine that enables a computer to run a java program.

It has 3 notions:-

  1. Specification
  2. Implementation
  3. Instance

The specification is a document that formally describes what is required of a JVM implementation.


What is JRE ?

JRE stands for JAVA Run-time Environment. It is a set or collection of software tools for development of java applications.

It combines the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Platform core classes and supporting libraries.

JRE is a part of the Java Development Kit (JDK), but can be downloaded separately.


What is JDK ?

JDK stands for Java Development Kit. It is a software development environment for developing java applications and applets.

It include the java run-time environment (JRE), an interpreter / loader (java), a compiler (javac), an achiever (jar), a documentation generator (java doc) and the other tools needed in java development.



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