Can Mobile App (Tapatalk) Improve your Website Google SEO Rankings ?

The Answer is YES ! Got Surprised! I was Also Surprised when I Received and Email from Tapatalk Stating that If we have an Mobile App Linked to Our Website, Then we can Improve Our Google Search Rankings.

Can Mobile App (Tapatalk) Improve your Website Google SEO Rankings ?

Can Mobile App (Tapatalk) Improve your Website Google SEO Rankings ?

Google has Introduced Interesting New Services called App Indexing.

We can Configure Mobile App to Help Google Index it and It can be linked to Our Main Website… Which will Lead to Increased Google Search Rankings.

Tapatalk is one of the 1st App Selected by Google & Included in Google’s App Indexing Program.

(Google’s May, 2014 announcement of Tapatalk App Indexing.) By installing the Tapatalk plug-in, the Content of your Forum will be included in Google’s App Indexing.

Let’s have a Look at this Awesome App.

Here are some Animated Gifs shared by Tapatalk. Feel Free to Click them to see in Full Screen.

Download Tapatalk from Android Appania or Google Play

Why Google Selected Tapatalk 1st of All ?

We Know that Content from Forums are Rich and Detailed as a Result they Get consistently Ranked well in Google’s Organic Results. It is Very clear that having your Content Ranked highly in Google Search Results has become vital in Attracting New Members (or Keep Old Members coming back) to your Forum.

Last week, Google sent out an Important message about Pending changes to their Ranking Algorithm. You can see the Announcement here.

There are Two key Points from the Announcement:

  1. Have a mobile-friendly site, and
  2. Sites whose content is an an indexed app will get a boost.

Mobile-Friendly Site

Google is very Specific. Starting April 21, 2015,

Google Said :-

will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.

Having a Mobile-Friendly Site is now an Essential part of maintaining your Google SEO Rankings. It means, If your website is No Mobile-Friendly then you are Loosing Lot of Customers due to Lower Google Search Ranking as Compared to your Competitors having Mobile-Friendly Website.

App Indexing Program

Google also Announced that, Starting Last Week,

Google Said :-

may now surface content from indexed apps more prominently in search.

What does this all mean?

If you have Tapatalk installed for your Forum, Your content Qualifies for Indexed Content in an App (or simply App Indexing Program), and therefore, your content will be Featured more prominently in Google Search Results.

When you visit Google Webmaster Tools next Time, You may see a message to Approve a ″Verification Request″ of your Forum content and the Tapatalk app. Click ‘Approve‘ to take Full Advantage of the SEO Rankings. If you do not see a message, don’t worry. Your content is being Indexed.

Based on the Announcement from Google, we can also answer the opening question in this blog post: YES! Tapatalk can help Boost your Forum’s Google SEO Rankings.

Not Only Forum Websites. But, If you have an Mobile App for your Website and it is Configured as per Google’s New App Indexing Program Guidelines, then It can also Boost your Website’s Google SEO Rankings.

How Google Search Results will Look On Android ?

On 16, April, 2015, Google Announced that they may prompt users to Install mobile apps that Feature content relevant to their Search query. You can find the Google Webmaster Post here. This only impacts searches on Android, But Rajan Patel, a Google Principal Engineer on the team responsible for this project, was quoted as saying his team is looking at how it can grow this project beyond Android.

When content from your site is relevant to a search done on Google on Android devices, people may start to see app Install buttons for Tapatalk in search results. Tapping these buttons will take them to the Google Play Store where they can Install Tapatalk, then continue straight on to the right content within Tapatalk.

Here is a Animated Gif from the Google post that demonstrates how the search results and app install prompt will appear.

App Installs through App Indexing

App Installs through App Indexing

What does this mean for Sites in Tapatalk ?

The good news is that your content is indexed by Google in Tapatalk, and according to Google,

we [Google] are starting to use App Indexing as a ranking signal for all users on Android.

with the addition of these install links, we are starting to use App Indexing as a ranking signal for all users on Android, regardless of whether they have an app [Tapatalk] installed or not.

This means your content is being ranked higher because your content is in Tapatalk.

While some searchers will opt to install Tapatalk to view the content, many will continue to view the content on their mobile browser or in the Tapatalk App also, you will be benefited in both the cases.

The great content in Forums, indexed in Google will be linked to that indexed in Tapatalk App, will lead to an additional Boost in your Google Mobile Search Ranking.


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